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About The Amethyst Coin

Ametystcoin (AMSC) is an ERC20 token based on the blockchain Ethereum. Operating on the blockchain allows global access, trade. The Amethyst Network is characterized by various platforms, market exchanges, digital assets, multiple payments, games, online stores and more. All forms of sales and purchases will use amethystcoin.

Innovation Coins for several payment solutions using amethyst coin blockchain technology,digital identity and managed by smart contracts, in distributed networks.

AmethystCoin will create an ecosystem where everyone will be able to participate in the wider global economy using decentralized infrastructure based on Ethereum blockchain.

How It Works?

The Amethystcoin platform has a number of key components that are flexible and easy to use the transaction platform for its users. The Amethystcoin user interface will have a mobile and browser application for its users, which will let them buy, sell, send, receive and store crypto supported by currencies. Over time, some crypto currencies will be added according to market demand.

App download/Coming Soon

Self-controlled data protection

With the Amethyst Coin security system, you have your fund owner and the only private key holder. Risk diversification, multi-currency account. Amethyst Wallet supports various cryptocurrency and is compatible with various blockchain.

Safe & Secure

The security used to protect your Amethyst wallet, we have used a modern security engine where when you access the Amethyst wallet you will be asked to enter the pin that you entered when creating this Amethyst wallet, it is not easy to hack and minimize the risk.

Trading Matching Engine

The trading engine will allow to cross from buying and selling orders between users, making the trade process contribution faster and more efficient.

Secure Wallets

Secure wallets will allow users to store crypto currencies, transact from various platforms around the world.

Token Details

Amethyst coin (AMSC) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart contract : 0x3f8828955db539ddd78ecc2a0cecd77d3eb8b033
Name token : Amethystcoin
Symbol : AMSC
Decimal : 8
Type : ERC20
Total supply : 9,800,000,000 AMSC

Budget Allocation

  • Team & Advisors
  • marketplace
  • Token Sale
  • Bounties & airdrop
  • ecosistem